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Predicted views

Photomontages that show predicted views of the wind farm will be posted on this website as they are prepared. The viewpoints selected for the photomontages will give a range of predicted views from different areas where the wind farm will be visible.

In the absence of detailed Australian guidelines, each photomontage image has been produced using the Scottish Natural Heritage Guidelines 2017, which uses an included angle of around 65 degrees, this is the angle that the human eye sight can naturally see.  As such each photomontage presents an indication of what would be seen if viewing the wind farm from the viewpoints.

Click on the thumbnails below to view the full-size images.

VP7 Predicted Northern views of Yandin Wind Farm from Dambadjie Road - click for large imageVP7 Predicted Northern views of Yandin Wind Farm from Dambadjie Road
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